Green Tea

Light & Refreshing - Loose Leaf Tea

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English Breakfast

Aromatic & Full Bodied - Loose Leaf Tea

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Earl Grey

Crisp & Zesty - Loose Leaf Tea

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Smooth Assam

Strong & Malty - Loose Leaf Tea

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Darjeeling Tea

Delicate & Floral - Loose Leaf Tea

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Welcome to High Tea Co.

With nearly three decades of experience in the tea industry we felt it was time to share our experience and passion with the market by establishing a new brand – High Tea Co.

Tea should be all about taste and quality.

Yes, tea is seen as a comforting drink and a social icebreaker but there is no reason why it shouldn’t taste great at the same time.

Take Time for Better Tea

We have selected nine teas and infusions to start with that will give you just that:

High Tea Co – A New Beginning

Working with tea for around twenty-five years between us we wanted for a long time to create our own brand. We’d always imported loose leaf teas from a variety of sources and distributed it wholesale to hotels and restaurants and retail via our website. But what if we wanted to start from scratch?

Well, we did just that. Sourcing our own leaf teas, working with a specialist agency on packaging design and formats and finding the right partner to pack the teas we believe we have created a compact but perfectly balanced range of specialist loose leaf teas and infusions.

Our Teas and Infusions

Five delicious loose leaf teas all packed in bright colourful, reusable tubes so you don’t need a tin or caddy.

English Breakfast for a lovely all day cup of tea with or without milk
Assam, an alternative to English Breakfast. Smooth, malty and a little spicy. Drink black or with milk any time
Darjeeling for a lighter more delicate black tea. Try it in the afternoon with a slice of cake
Earl Grey. The classic citrus flavoured black tea. Strong enough if you want to add milk
Green Tea.  Loose leaf Sencha for a refreshing and cleansing tea experience

Plus in handy re-sealable pouch packs
Green Matinee, gorgeous green tea delicately flavoured with mango and citrus
Ginger Breeze. A classic herbal infusion with ginger and lemongrass
Rooibos Crème Caramel: As delicious as it sounds, creamy rooibos with caramel & nuts
Simply Red Fruit. Exactly what it says on the label. Red berries in an intense fruit infusion