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Zero Japan Teapots

When brewing loose leaf teas and infusions it really helps to be able to use a good quality teapot, particularly if it has a removable filter so the brewing process can be controlled.

For High Tea Co teas we have selected a range of teapots from Zero Japan.

Each teapot is made from high quality ceramic which holds the heat of your tea perfectly.

There is a stainless steel lid with a handy flip-up mechanism and most importantly there is a removable stainless steel filter. We offer a range of seven bright colours which have been chosen to coordinate with the flavour colours of each tea or infusion.

About Zero Japan

Zero has been producing teapots in Japan since 1992. The factory is based at Mino in Gifu prefecture around  230 miles south west of Tokyo.

With typical Japanese purpose, the three fundamental company principles are that their products must be good looking, feel good in the hand and be very useful.

Whilst the company produces a number of sizes and designs we have chosen the best-selling Universal 450ml round version.

This teapot has a classic round shape but still maintains a distinctively modern look with its stainless steel lid. The tea filter fits snuggly under the lid and can easily be taken out when hot. The 450ml capacity is sufficient to make two good mugs or two to three cups of tea.

All colours are dishwasher safe and have a bright, deep glaze.

Using your Zero Japan Teapot

The teapot has been designed from the outset to brew loose leaf tea. That’s why we chose them to offer alongside our delicious High Tea Co teas.

We recommend using two rounded teaspoons of tea per teapot. Place the loose tea in the filter basket and pour over the hot water.

If you are brewing our black teas or herbal and fruit infusions then please warm the pot before use and make sure your water is fresh and boiling.

For green teas a cold teapot is preferable and allow the water to stand for 20 seconds after boiling so it is just a little cooler before pouring over the tea.

For black teas allow the tea to infuse for at least three minutes but no more than five minutes.

Green tea should brew for two to three minutes and herbal infusions for at least five minutes.

Once the tea has brewed to your satisfaction lift the tea filter out of the teapot . This will stop the brewing process. You can now pour out your tea and enjoy your High Tea Co brew.