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Brewing Your Tea Just the Way You Like It

We all enjoy a lovely cup of tea just the way we like it.

But did you know that with a little care you can ensure tea always tastes exactly the way you like it? A large part of that is to time the brewing process.

What most people don’t realise is the process the tea leaves go through to create your favourite cup of tea.

When you add hot water to your tea leaves they start to unfurl and slowly release their flavour, colour caffeine and tannin.

All teas (not herbal and fruit infusions) contain caffeine and most contain varying levels of tannin.

Caffeine will give you a lift and refresh you. Tannin tends to have more of a calming approach and will definitely change the taste of a cup of tea whilst offsetting some of the effect of caffeine.

Brewing Green & Black Teas

Timing with a Tea Timer plays a big part in creating the perfect cup of tea.

When making black teas, most should be brewed using boiling water for between three and five minutes. A tea timer makes it easy to do this.

Generally, most teas will release their caffeine at around three minutes.

Tannin tends to be more prevalent at five minutes. So if you like a refreshing and uplifting tea then three minutes is good. If you want a relaxing brew, take a little less tea and brew it for five minutes.

Green teas in particular are very sensitive to timing. Many people have experienced terribly bitter green tea. That may be caused by poor quality tea but in many cases it’s due to over brewing.

We advise two to three minutes for green tea. And if you start with water off the boil you will definitely taste a difference.

Colourful Tea Timers

We recommend you use a teapot with a removable filter basket or alternatively disposable paper filters.

In both cases once you have brewed the tea the way you like it you can take the tea leaves out of the brew which halts the brewing process.

Our colourful Tea Timers are designed to give you accurate timing for brewing your tea.

There are eight colours to select from and they all work in an innovative upside-down way. In other words the particles flow from bottom to top!

Each timer is marked with lines for brewing various types of tea.

Pair these timers with a teapot such as our Zero Japan teapots and you’ve got everything you need to brew your High Tea Co teas perfectly every time.