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Using the Right Tea Filters & Strainers

There are many ways to make a good cup of tea but we believe that if you want to really achieve the best result, you should use good quality tea (we can help you there), you should be careful with the amount of tea you use, ensure you always use fresh water at the correct temperature, use a Tea Timer to prevent over-brewing and finally use a filter or strainer for your tea leaves.

We offer a range of stainless steel filters, tea balls and tea tongs which you can use in your cup, mug or teapot.

The mesh will prevent the tea leaves from escaping and the stainless steel construction will not add any flavour or taint to your tea. All of our strainers are dishwasher safe and there are a range of sizes to fit many existing teapots.

Paper Filters for Loose Leaf Tea

If you don’t want to empty out tea leaves or if you are brewing very fine infusions such as our Rooibos Crème Caramel where the small pieces may pass through mesh filters, we suggest you use our disposable paper filters.

These are completely taint-free and you effectively create your own teabag.

Even better there’s no disposing of loose leaves after brewing. Simply remove the tea filter and discard it. You can even add it to the compost pile!

The filters are long enough even for use in teapots. Just trap the end of the filter in the lid while your tea brews.

Happy brewing and we hope you enjoy your tea.